HOW to Join Fringelove

To Join:
  • Create a Webpage about a Fringe Cutie [either from the list or your own cutie] OR submit your own webpage because you are awesome anyway if you love fringes or someone who has/had one :)
  • email me this cutie's name so i can add him to my list
  • put the scripts onto your webpage [where someone can find it]
  • go to the Join Fringelove form
  • enter necessary info and add your name to the queue
  • once you get your ID number then you can put that into your script code
  • wait for your site to be added to the ring [if i dont get back to you within a few days, email me to check on the webring]
  • when you're in, ouila!!! you're in!

    fringelove home!!!
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