Fringelove Scripts:

here's my only one for now:

Script #1

<!-- Begin Fringelove HTML --> <CENTER><TABLE><TR><TD><A HREF=""><IMG SRC="" ALT="Fringe Lovers Web Ring" BORDER=0></A></TD><TD><FONT size=3><CENTER><P>This <A HREF=""><BR><BR>Fringe Lovers Unite!</A><BR><BR>Site is owned by <A HREF="mailto:_____________">________</A>.<BR><BR><BR><B><A HREF="" get="_top">Next Site</A><BR> <A HREF="" target="_top">Previous Site</A> <BR><A HREF="">Random Site </A><BR><A HREF=";list">Index</A> </B> <BR><BR><P>Want to <A HREF="" target="_top">join the ring?</A> </TD></TR> </TABLE> </CENTER><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><!-- End Fringelove HTML -->

  • just cut it and paste it onto your page!
  • then insert YOUR email address, name, and ID numbers into the ___ slots.
  • and you will be set!

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